Teaser Tuesday – Chasing Trouble

Welcome to Teaser Tuesday!  This blog is where I’m going to share teasers from my book and also works in progress.  Today’s teaser is from the book I’m working on at the moment called Chasing Trouble which features a character, Ava from my first book, The Trouble with Mr. Pretty.  If you haven’t read The Trouble with Mr. Pretty and don’t know who Ava is, don’t worry – both books can be read as a standalone.

So here is an unedited snippet.

“I’m coming with you.”  She closed the door and arranged her coat so she could sit more comfortably.

“What happened to you cooking me a three-course meal?”

Ava scoffed.  “Like that would really happen.”  She pointed to the opening of the shed.  “What are you waiting for?”

“For you to get out.”

Stubbornly she said, “Not going to happen.”

“I’m going to check on fences and do repairs.”  His lips flattening in a stern line, the words sounded strained. 

“I can help you check the fences.”

His gaze swept over her and he let out a short harsh laugh.  “You’re gonna help me dressed like that?”

“I can spot the damaged ones for you from inside of the truck.”    

Nick shook his head.  “No way Avi-baby…”  Ava gasped and Nick slammed his lips shut.  They both stared wide eyed at each other at the mention of the playful nickname Nick called her when they were younger.

Clearing his throat, he broke eye contact and started the truck.  “If you want to tag along you’re gonna have to help.” 

Ava didn’t mention anything about her nickname.  She wasn’t exactly sure how she felt hearing it again after all these years.  “But my outfit…” 

“Is fucking ridiculous.”  Nick finished.

“I wasn’t exactly planning on being stranded on a farm.”

I’m loving getting the normally immaculately dressed Ava messed up a little and can’t wait for you to read about Ava and Nick.

While you’re waiting, The Trouble with Mr. Pretty is available in ebook from these retailers.

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