Release date: 20 July 2023



Nine years ago, I ended a relationship with the love of my life, Finn Alessi, to marry another man, for all the wrong reasons.

And now my husband is dead and I’m free.

But I expected my freedom to taste a lot sweeter; right now it smells like landfill with a hint of hotdogs.

Homeless, jobless, and penniless, I’m desperate. Which is how I ended up working at Alessi Fashion with Finn as my boss.

I have nine years of lies to explain; I long for us to go back to the way we were and for a while I think we have a chance.

But lies have sharp edges and right now they are threatening to destroy our happiness.


Nine years ago the love of my life left me, but I’m over it. I mean, I didn’t run to London, so I can avoid bumping into her; I left for work. And I don’t actively seek out women who look just like her; that’s just a coincidence.

But now I’m back in New York and I’m sure I’ve just seen someone who looks like her in my building, but she wouldn’t dare apply for a job in the fashion house I run. Would she?

Harper Madden is unforgettable, but I can’t forget the lies—no matter how hard I tried. And what I can’t forgive is that those lies keep coming.

When I let the past cloud my decisions, I lose the woman I love again, leaving me wondering if her love for me was ever real or if I have just made the biggest mistake of my life.