4 Things I’ve Learned About Writing.

1. Socializing

When I decided to write, I thought that’s all I needed to do was write—right? Wrong. The introvert in me was happy I could stay secluded in my writing cave but to get my work out into to the world, I had to become more social. Although I don’t physically have to go out and do this, I’m being more active on social media. It took me a long time to get comfortable with that. Actually, I’m not sure if I really am yet. 🙂

2. Procrastination

I’ll dedicate a free day to write but instead of writing I’ll spend a big chunk of it doing things that are suddenly more important. House needs cleaning, emails need checking, social media needs updating… the list goes on. Then by the afternoon, I’ll do a writing sprint so I don’t feel like I’ve wasted the day.

3. Giving Up

Writing is a lot harder than I thought. I once thought I could write a story, tweak it a little and a publisher would fall in love with it. Ha! What a joke. It’s hours of revisions, rewrites, frustration, more rewrites and still I never think it’s quite ready to send out. Then I tell myself I’m done, I can’t put myself through that again. I don’t want to be a writer anymore… then bam! Another story idea pops in my head and I’m back at the computer.

4. Imposter Syndrome

It is a real thing! When I got my first book contract, I actually felt guilty. There were so many more talented authors out there still trying to get their books published. So why me? What was so special about my book? I didn’t know anything about writing, surely they’ve made a mistake. And after having three books published, I still believe I’m only faking it. I hope that feeling goes away… 🙂

I’ve learned so much more after I started writing but these four standout the most. Writing is tough, it’s fun and rewarding when a story finally has the magical words ‘The end’ written at the end.


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