Rule Breaker

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She’s setting all the rules.

He’s refusing to follow them…

Rule 1: No Drinking

Rule 2: No Women

Rule 3: No Parties

Rule 4: No Scandals

Aiden Doyle plans to break them all. Even if it means losing his acting job on a popular T.V drama. Problem is, he’s assigned a 24/7 babysitter determined to make him stick to them. But rules are meant to be broken, and she’s just the sexy distraction he needs to help him.

Assistant Mya Saunders wants to live a drama free life. She can’t risk any scandal that could jeopardise losing her son. So far, life has been fairly stress free. Until she’s forced to spend every minute with Aiden whose life is spiralling out of control. The chaos that surrounds him is threatening to take her down with him.

But spending every moment together has them breaking a few rules of their own. Will Aiden and Mya’s attraction be the end of everything they’ve worked so hard for? Or are they willing to let love rewrite the rules at any cost?