3 Things that have helped with my writing

I’m a huge procrastinator. I will do one hundred things before I sit myself down to write. But I’ve learned three things that, when I’ve stopped checking emails, social media, cleaning the house and all the other things that seem to be so important, have helped me write a lot of words. They’re not always great words, probably not even good. But it’s a start and I can always fix them when I have my story written.

So here are the three simple things that have helped me.

1. Turn OFF the Wi-Fi

The internet is such a time waster! Every time I pause in my writing because I need to think of what comes next, for some strange reason it’s that moment I HAVE to check emails or social media. Then I get sucked into cyberspace and don’t come out for ages.

2. Set a timer

I time myself for one-hour intervals and have a break in between. But I would just keep tabs on the time on my computer. What I was finding by doing that, was I kept looking at the time. As the minutes counted down, I did less and less because I knew time was just about up. So I now use my phone, I put it in another room so I can’t see it and keep writing until it chimes. And I am always writing when it goes off.  I even have to turn if off so I can finish what I’m doing.

3. Don’t focus on getting the right word or description

This has helped me so much. Every time I couldn’t think of the right word, I’d sit and stare at my screen trying to figure it out and my train of thought would get forgotten, stopping my writing. Then I’d go onto Thesaurus.com until I found the word. What happened from there was now I’m on the internet so… let’s see what’s happening on Facebook or who has emailed me with super important information?  Same as when I need a description for a place or person or I need to research something.  I go on the internet and I get distracted with lots of other pretty and wonderful things.  Now as I’m writing, if it’s not the right word, I put in a question mark. If I need a description, I write put description here in brackets. I keep a notebook with the things I need to research. All that stuff is not important when writing a first draft.  I’ll get back to it when I’m editing.

These things have helped me so much.  Give it a try, it could help you too! And I’d love to hear what strategies you use to help with your writing. 🙂


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