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Match Me If You Can


Happy birthday to me!

Chloe can’t believe she’s a 30-year-old virgin! She’s more than ready to lose that title, but she won’t settle for just anyone.

After bumping into her teenage crush, Theodore Campbell, she knows he’s the perfect man to take her V-card. Problem is, he won’t sleep with his best friend’s sister.

Before it’s too late, Chloe wants to find a husband and have children, and she convinces Theo to play matchmaker and help her with her dating nerves. Except the dates he sets her up with don’t compare to Theo. It’s Theo she truly wants.


Divorce = failure. I do not like to fail.

After his marriage breakdown, Theo’s done with relationships. Not interested in one-night stands. Until her. A flash of red on the dancefloor draws him into her magic.

Chloe Doyle.

His best friend’s sister.


Chloe’s asking for a huge favor. Take her on a fake date and practice making out with her. Being so close to her is making it difficult to keep his distance. He wants her. But he has a secret that will change everything; steal her dreams and make her hate him. So, he walks away.

He can’t fail again.

He’s saving them both the heartbreak. Right?