Trouble in Disguise

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The greatest risk is disguised in trouble!

Falling in love is what most people dream of, right? Not Jade Brennan. She believes a family curse is preventing her from finding ‘the one’. Love only leads to heartbreak…better to avoid it.

Nate Miller leads a double life and goes to great lengths to keep his identity a secret. Until he meets Jade. He can’t help but get close to the sexy, bubbly redhead who causes his defences to slip.

Nate becomes Jade’s ideal man. Gorgeous, talented, and more importantly…unavailable. His demanding career and her family curse mean a relationship will never work. But a casual fling is perfect.

Attraction is building between them and Jade’s at risk of falling in love and consequently her heart being broken. Making Jade question if she can break the curse and have her happily ever after, or will she be doomed to be alone forever?


“It’s you…the singer guy.” Jade’s eyes grew wide, and her breath got a little choppy.

There were different types of groupies. The ones who acted surprised when they accidentally ran into Nathan. And the ones who brazenly told him exactly what they wanted to do with him. She fell into the first category.

“Don’t act so shocked you found me. I should have known I couldn’t sneak out undetected.” He turned away to dismiss her.

“Found you? No, I was looking for the party—”

He swung back around. “Look, Freckles.” She gasped at the reference and covered her nose with her hand. “No offense, but I’m not into groupies. If you go back to the party, I’m sure Mike or Chris will be happy to take you on.”

The hand covering her nose dropped, and she frowned. “Take me on? You think I want… I want…”

Some women tried to deny it, but they were always after the same thing. A hook-up with a band member. “If you go back down the hall and take the other timber door, you’ll find the party.”

Her posture stiffened, and she puffed out her chest. It wasn’t Playboy magazine worthy, but with it heaving like she’d run a marathon, it drew his attention, and the heat worked its way back.

“For your information, Mr. Grunge Band on Steroids, I got separated from my cousin, and I’m trying to find her. I’m not a groupie looking for who knows what with Mike or Chris, nor am I interested in you. And I spend a lot of money on creams to lighten my freckles, so how dare you point them out!”

Nathan let out a surprised bark of laughter. This woman was as fiery as her red hair. He ambled closer to the little spitfire. She’d caught his attention, and if she meant what she said, he’d have no chance getting anything from her. Time for the test.

“I happen to think your freckles are sexy.” When he took another step closer, her cheeks flushed pink and she sucked in a breath. He fingered a loose curl on her neck, making sure he touched the exposed skin. “Maybe I won’t send you to Mike or Chris. I’ve never had a hot redhead before.” He cupped her face and pretended to lean in as if to kiss her. She’d soon show her true colors.

But instead of her claiming his kiss, one of her hands slammed a palm onto his forehead and the other wrapped around the wrist touching her hair. “What the hell are you doing?”

For a moment he was stunned. This woman who was small enough to fit in his pocket held him back like she was double his size. “Honey, you’re playing the shy fan a little too seriously.”

“I told you, I’m not here for any groupie gangbang. I’m looking for my cousin!” she said, and flung her hand away from his head. Some strands of hair got caught in a ring on her finger, and the wig he was wearing went flying from his head and hung from her hand like a dead, black cat.

With wide eyes, the woman looked from her hand to his head and back down to the wig. “Ummm, I think this belongs to you?”

Slowly, she held it out, and he snatched it from her grasp. It was still tangled around her fingers, and the force made her stumble into his chest. She clasped his arms to steady herself. After a beat she rubbed her hands along his arms. Not in a flirty, trying to feel him up kind of way. More like trying to figure out why he felt like stocking mesh instead of smooth skin.

Nathan stepped back, held her hand, and untangled the wig from her fingers. Fuck! He never let anyone outside of the band and family get close enough to stumble upon his secret. Now this redhead would ruin everything; his band and identity would be destroyed.

Dammit. Why did he have to get so close? Test or no test, she was one hot firecracker and he couldn’t help himself. Now, after a moment of stupidity, years of keeping his identity a secret was flying out the window.

Turning his back on her, he threw the wig on the lounge, clenched his fists, and took a deep breath. “Forget what you saw here.”


“If you breathe a word to anyone, I’ll sue your arse off.” He swung around, his muscles quivering. “Understood?”

She quickly nodded.

At her startled expression, he deflated.

“Get out,” he said as he turned his back on her again.

The sound of the door closing echoed through the room.