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The Trouble with Mr Pretty
coming soon

It’s been an exciting few months with the release of my debut book, THE TROUBLE WITH MR PRETTY soon approaching.  And I can’t wait for you to meet sexy sport star Jack Henderson and Lauren Moore, a brave and strong woman who doesn’t want to fall for his irresistible charms but can’t resist.

While I am eagerly awaiting its release, I’d like to share where the idea for my story came from.  A couple of years ago, after out celebrating New Year’s Eve, I had a dream about a woman sitting on her own watching the New Year’s Eve fireworks.  When I woke up, I quickly scribbled it down and it went on to be the prologue and the story grew from there.  But I decided it was a bit too deep and depressing, so I threaded it into the book where it required the emotion.  Here is the deleted scene.





She wasn’t experiencing any of these. 

She sat on a prickly patch of grass while a brilliant display of fireworks exploded above her head.  Red, green and gold rained down from the sky.

She couldn’t see its brilliance.

Crowds cheered all around her as they celebrated the New Year and made promises they wouldn’t keep.

She heard nothing. 

She sat and waited for the pain. 

Wishing for it to come. 

Wanting to feel it rip through her body. 

Anything would be better than the dull emptiness spreading through her.  

The numbness wouldn’t make her cry, scream – grieve. 

She needed to do all these things but her body wouldn’t do what her mind screamed for it to do.  So, on a prickly patch of grass under the colours falling from the sky, she waited.

Keep an eye out for The Trouble with Mr Pretty’s release date coming soon!



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