10 Questions with Michelle Dalton

1. Have you always wanted to be a writer?

No. never crossed my mind. But, I’ve always been a story teller since a child and I used to type out my stories and photo copy them and share them with my friends… Mmm, this does seem like I have always been writing, but I never actually thought of being a writer until a few years ago.

2. How many books have you written?

Five. But I am currently undergoing a re-brand so my first book as Michelle Dalton was published in January 2019 😊

3. Have you had to research anything strange? If so, what was it?

I write under 2 names. Michelle Dalton and MC Dalton. For MC Dalton I write steampunk, so loads of research there, especially when Mel and I built a prosthetic heart in Iron Heart. For Epona, I spent hours studying the Gaelic language and brogue accent.

4. How do you deal with bad book reviews (if you’ve had any?)

I ignore them. (But inside I die a little)

5. Do you have any marketing tips?

Research and practice or get someone who is good at it.

6. Do you base your characters on real people?

A little. There is a touch of everyone I know in each character.

7. Do you set writing goals? If so, do you regularly achieve them?

Nope. Never liked doing that. It puts me in a box. Never liked boxes 😊

8. What time of the day do you like to write?

Mostly at night, but I have no set time. It’s basically when I have time.

9. What famous author do you wish could be your mentor?

TM Clark and Diana Gabaldon.

10. What was your reaction when your first book was published or you got your first contract?

First contact was bloody frightening. I tried to be happy, but I was too damn scared. I felt as though I was signing my life away. Second contract was happiness all round 😊


Can she overcome the trauma of her past and find redemption in the wild Scottish Highlands? 

“Kept me reading even when my favorite TV show was on. Could not put it down. 5 Stars – Mary, Amazon review.

Sadie Munro can speak to horses. It is a gift given to her from the Goddess Epona; Protector of horses.

After a horrendous attack on her family farm in South Africa takes the lives of her loved ones and leaves her wounded, her only escape is to leave the country of her birth for the highlands of Scotland and her only living relatives. But Sadie’s life may still be in danger.

Blane Buchan is an Englishmen living in the small highland town of Lairg, seeking a life away from the emptiness of London society and a past he’d rather forget. On his way to his new life, he saves a mare from an abusive owner only to lose her once she is brought to his property in the highlands.

Blane sparks feelings and complications Sadie is unwilling to confront as well as a secret Sadie clutches tightly to her fractured soul. Sadie will have to embrace her love for Blane, and her goddess given gift if she is to face the man who murdered her family and forgive herself before she can find true happiness

Michelle Dalton

Originally from Pretoria, South Africa, Michelle Dalton and her family fled the rising violence taking over her beloved country and now lives near Brisbane, Australia with her husband and triplet sons.

While also juggling a nursing career and teenage sons, she loves to escape into her fictional world. Michelle has a deep love of horses and enjoys weaving them into dramatic stories with honourable men and strong women.

Her other hobbies are gardening (usually trying to save her precious herbs and bulbs from an overactive miniature Jack Russell), painting, and reading.  She’s also a huge Star Trek and Marvel Comics fan, and as of recently a wee fan of DC too. 

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