Teaser Tuesday

TeaserToday’s Teaser Tuesday is an unedited snippet from book three in my Trouble series, Trouble in Disguise. For those of you who have read book one and two, this story follows Jade’s road to finding love. And even if you haven’t read the first two books, this can be read as a standalone. 🙂

Trouble In Disguise

“Why go through this much trouble to change your appearance? Isn’t being rich and famous something a lot of people covet?” Jade asked.

“I have my reasons.” Nate said abruptly.

“Well then…” She pushed out of her chair. Working with him was going to be a bunch of belly laughs. “I’ll show you where the lessons will take place.”

As she made to walk past him, he stopped her by grasping her arm.  She sucked in a startled breath as heat zapped her skin and travelled through her body.  He dropped it as if he too felt the effects. They stood almost chest to chest staring at each other and she swore Nate’s gaze dropped to her lips. Was he going to kiss her? Did she want him to? But then he opened the door as if the moment had never happened.  “It’s a long boring story, you wouldn’t be interested.”  This time he’d soften his tone.

Wouldn’t be interested… Wanna make a bet?  Jade thought to herself but it was his story and if he didn’t want to share with the class that was his business.

Nate’s gaze landed on her chest. “You like a bit of sauce?”

She frowned.  “If this is some new term for sexual favours I haven’t heard of before, you’re out of luck.  Do you even know where we are?  I suppose women give you sex no matter the location, well not me buddy.”

For a moment Nate’s eyes widened then he chuckled and pointed to her top.  “You have sauce on your shirt.”

She looked down at the stain and mentally gave herself a forehead slap.  How could she have forgotten about the stab wound?

“Freckles, for a primary school teacher, you sure have a dirty mind.”  He snickered and walked out of the room.

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